Breaking up with your girlfriend VS Breaking up with your barber

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Big thank you to JB Barber Design. 361 Pitfield Rd, Toronto ON


Birthday Celebrations

I know it’s like ten years later. Mans have been busy with a hint of lazy to put up these pictures. Was a night of Love, Laughs, and Lasagna. Just kidding about the Lasagna lol, couldn’t think of another L word. Damn! I’m kinda hungry now.

Anyways let me get back on topic here. Thank you everyone that came out to celebrate. The love was felt and will always be given back.


Ugly Christmas sweater party

This years Christmas was all around a chill one. Opened some gifts with family. Had some dinner. Met up with some friends and talked some shit. All key parts of a good Christmas. How was your Christmas this year? Did you get everything you wanted or you got some crap like socks?

Questions for all women

We are back with a few questions for you ladies. These are questions us men have been wondering for centuries, millenniums, and some other great amount of time but I can’t think of a word for it. Sit back…Relax…and watch the video. Then if you could be so kinda to share some of that woman wisdom with us in the comments below.

When Caribbean Parents Argue

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