Big shout out to Ron Dias and krissy for helping me out with this video.

DO Not get a Trini woman angry!

This is why you should never get a Trinidadian woman upset. You have been warned.

Places a man shouldn’t touch another man

Some examples of places men shouldn’t touch each other because to most men it’s just awkward.

I can make any woman orgasm lol

I know it has been forever since I posted a video but life gets busy sometimes. This video came about when I asked a funny question on Facebook. After laughing to myself at my own question I started to think what if that really happened. Them BOOM! The video idea was born. If you wondering what the question was. ” If you had a sexual super power what would it be? Mine would be to give a girl a orgasm every time I say the words “Batty Jaw” ”

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How to tell you’re in a Jamaican home

Tj Pennyloafer gives you ways that will let you know when you are in a Jamaican home. Pay close attention.

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