Every Jamaican Man’s Fantasy

This is how you get and keep a Jamaican man.

Soul Kitchen Boat Cruise

Nothing like sailing through the 6 with your woes lol. I had the pleasure of shooting this awesome event the other night. It was nice to be in an atmosphere of everyone out to just have fun and dance. No men standing around staring or stush women thinking they shit don’t stink. For the next upcoming Soul Kitchen be sure to check out www.respectthename.com


Things Men Should Never Say Before Sex

The act of sweet love making can be quickly ruined by someone saying the wrong thing, for example…

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Sexy in the 6ix event

In recent years I switched my creative outlet to making YouTube videos instead of photography. Some of you probably didn’t even know I’m a Photographer…SURPRISE!! If it wasn’t for photography I never would of gotten into the YouTube thing, but now I feel the urge to bring back some focus to my photography work. So if you would like me to take pictures for your event just send me an email seniorgumboyvids@gmail.com


Why I Love Black Women

No intro needed just watch.

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