How did you know I’m Jamaican?

We Jamaicans are a proud set of people. Sometimes we forget our Jamaican pride is clear for everyone to see and sometimes we just want any excuse to let the world know we are Jamaican.

I’m back with the regular schedule of putting out a video every week so stay tuned. Haven’t decided on a day yet but I’m thinking Wednesday or Thursday. What day you think I should put out videos on?

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Dr Dagga ep1

Are you in need of sex or relationship advice? Dr Dagga is here to help you. Just send your question to and all your problems will be solved. Well not really but you may learn something.

Stay safe people.

Every mans biggest fear about his girlfriend

As a man one of the worst things you could hear is that the women you are dating use to have a extensive sexual past. To make matters worse is when some of your own friends have dipped into her cookie jar. While some men can get over such things, for many men our pride will not allow us to look the other way.

So ladies if you ever find yourself in a situation where you are dating a man and turns out one of his friends hit it. best thing is to inform the guy you are dating. If you don’t and he find out another way then 8/10 he will end whatever you guys have going on or will just treat you like a fuck ting.

Hope you guys enjoy the skit and yes I’M BACK!! to making comedy skits.

How to take pictures with your side chick

Big shout out to Ron Dias and krissy for helping me out with this video.

DO Not get a Trini woman angry!

This is why you should never get a Trinidadian woman upset. You have been warned.

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