Dr Dagga helps dysfunctional patient

After having some trouble in the bedroom. Mr Jones goes to see Dr Dagga since he’s the daggering expert. Mr Jones ends up finding out more than he had hoped.
Skit featuring @CraigChung

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Jordan’s or Girlfriend

For some people they are just shoes, but for others it’s an obsession. I know back in high school I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest┬ápair of Jordan’s. I even skipped third period one time to go buy a pair. Given the ultimatum I think some guys would have a very hard time deciding between keeping their Jordan’s or keeping their girlfriend.

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Bedroom Bully

Jamaican men are known for their sexual prowess but what happens when you can’t live up to those Bedroom Bully standards.

Skit featuring @famousgirlxo @shaq_se7ens


@SeniorGumBoy @IAMSOCA @shaq_se7ens

Two friends out for a stroll run into Battytini the gay magician. They then get a magic show they will never forget.

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Visa Haffi Get

Sometimes in order to make it out the struggle of your country you gotta do some things you might not wanna do. For example marrying someone for a Visa or as you Americans call it a Green Card. Morally it is wrong, but hey. Visa Haffi Get!

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