Jamaican freestyle gone wrong

Trigga Finga takes on King Perm in this epic clash. Unfrotunatly Trigga Finga slips up on his lyrics.

It was a real pleasure working with these gentlemen. One of the hardest parts about making YouTube video is people. Finding and working with people who have the same vision and drive as yourself. It’s amazing that we improved the entire video. I put the idea out there and we all just ran with it and made comedy gold.

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How Africans holla at Jamaican girls

Since I have been listening to so much afro beats lately, I decided to give my African accent a try.There are 54 countries in Africa so the accent I was going for is more of a Ghanaian one. Yeah I know it can use a little work but hope you guys enjoy the video.

Yes that is @seeayanna playing my Jamaican beauty. Be sure to check out her channel and subscribe.

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How women get ready for sex

Teamed up with Famous Girl for this one. Giving you insight into some of the thoughts and actions you ladies go through when preparing to get “the D” as the cool kids would say.

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Dr Dagga helps dysfunctional patient

After having some trouble in the bedroom. Mr Jones goes to see Dr Dagga since he’s the daggering expert. Mr Jones ends up finding out more than he had hoped.
Skit featuring @CraigChung

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Jordan’s or Girlfriend

For some people they are just shoes, but for others it’s an obsession. I know back in high school I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the latest┬ápair of Jordan’s. I even skipped third period one time to go buy a pair. Given the ultimatum I think some guys would have a very hard time deciding between keeping their Jordan’s or keeping their girlfriend.

In this video we have the beautiful @famousgirlxo expect to see her in a lot more of my videos. All you fellas can go follow her but let’s keep the thirsting to a minimal level please and thank you.

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