TBT Vlog-Day Time Drunk

Cold days like today make me wish I can go back to one of these summer days. Take a trip down memory lane with me and feel the warmth and good times form this #TBT Vlog.

Trinidadian VS Jamaican

You can’t have Caribbean men hanging out without a little drinking. You especially can’t have a Trini and a jamaican drinking without a little friendly competition.

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Jamaican Moms be like…

I know every Jamaican can say their mother has said or done some of this. Even people all over the Caribbean can agree on some of this stuff.

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TBT Vlog- Afrofest

One of my life goals is to visit Africa and see as many countries as I can. For now I get little glimpses here and there from events like this.

Relationship double standards

We all know of so many double standards out there in the world. This video highlights a few examples in relationships.

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